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Corporate themed party ideas and unforgettable amazing themed events from SN2R, office Christmas party ideas, corporate Christmas themes for parties
Theme Parties & Events

We have over 100 exciting themed events and themed party ideas for you to choose from, each tailored to your requirements ranging from black tie dinner dances to Venetian Masked Ball party themes and formal award evenings.


We create amazing parties and unforgettable themed events, call us now on 01491 640990 or email to discuss how we can manage your next exciting event - on time and on budget.


As well as Corporate Event Management, we plan and organise Private Celebrations and Children's Theme Parties.

We also provide an abbreviated party planners service offering decorations, table-centres, styling, theming, branding, design and concept, party decorations, props, furniture hire and event prop hire on any level.

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Corporate Awards Evening by SN2R

We were recently challenged by our PR client Cirkle - with a tight budget to supply a memorable Awards Evening at The Internet Advertising Bureau.

See a YouTube video clip of the event...

Corporate company awards evenings by SN2R

Look-a-like 'Patsy' from Absolutely Fabulous hosted the Awards Ceremony - whilst guests enjoyed the theatrical transformation with our Oscar Statues and red entrance carpet.

Afterwards the client said "The night went really well, 'Patsy' was incredible and just made the event and the props looked fab. Thank you for all your help."



Venetian Masked Ball Party Theme


Our Venetian Masked Ball party theme is a favourite amoung SN2R's clients.

We take care of every aspect of your party so you can just enjoy it.


On arrival, guests receive VIP treatment when they are greeted by two Royal Doormen dressed in beautiful red 18th century coats lined in gold with braided trimmings.

Venetian masked ball themed private celebrations and themed corporate parties



The venue will be richly coloured and magically lit. Here champagne and canapès can be served to the accompaniment of a String Quartet and Venetian entertainers.

Amazing Venetian masked ball corporate parties, unforgettable celebrations and private events

When it is time for dinner, two Trumpeters will stand on small plinths and after a dimming of the lights, will blow their trumpets to announce dinner. The evening concludes with dancing to a live band until the early hours.

Venetian Masked Ball theme party

For more details regarding a Venetian Masked Ball for your event, please call us on 01491 640990 or email


Around The World Party Theme

SN2R were commissioned to produce an Around the World themed party for Grosvenor.

Around the world theme party

The reception area at Grosvenor's head office was transformed into a map of the globe , made from 'astro turf' set in a 'sea' of blue pebbles. Each international office location operated by Grosvenor was high-lighted with pea lights. Here the Duke of Westminster greeted guests. Stilt Walking breathtaking "Swans" welcomed guests.

Around the world theme party

Waitresses and Waiters dressed in traditional costumes relating to those principal countries served delicious Canapes.

Signposting directed guests around the World to various locations including:

Chinatown Hong Kong. A Chinese entrance piece and lots of overhead red Chinese lanterns featured, where guests tried Dim sum at the red and white screen buffet. They were entertained by an Origamist who presented them with their very own "Year of the Dog" souvenir.

A Chinese Calligrapher and Japanese Geisha chatted and amazed.

Around the world theme party

Australian grotto - a rock cave formation under which we revealed Panning for Gold with dry ice and lights of green and red.

Canadian Ice House - A Canadian Seal doubled up as a a drinks luge.

The Washington DC bandstand - Guests stood on the 'lawn' and listened to a 1920's Jazz Trio resplendent in stripe blazers.

Parisian left Riverbank - visiting a smaller version of famous Parisian landmarks with a backdrop for the Caricaturist who had everyone queuing up to be the next victim!

English-Regatta party - using Henley backdrops, guests enjoyed Strawberries and Cream and a glass of famous Pimms.


Murder Mystery Party Theme

Murder comedy games are perfect for company or department away days, as the finalé to a team building activity day or conference, for entertaining clients and even for product launches.

Perfect entertainment for a Christmas party, of course and the right murder mystery makes a great 'icebreaker' - if people don't know each other at the start, they will by the end.

A Good Murder Mystery should be:

  • Entertaining - Our carefully crafted scripts and experienced actors guarantee that.
  • Solvable - Teams can be very competitive. It is only fair their detective work be rewarded.
  • Interactive - Audience participation and tailored references really bring it alive.

We are very proud of our murder mysteries and offer three options:

First Degree Murders are suitable fo audiences of 10-400. This option can include our Murder Mystery Treasure Hunt.

Our budget, Second Degree Murders are for audiences of up to 50.

Our new and unique Key Suspect Murders (a filmed event in which you can star) can play to audiences of just 1 person to thousands!

Call SN2R on 01491 640990 for a no obligation quotation or further information regarding an amazing Murder Mystery theme for your next party or event.


Après Ski Party Theme

Guests were invited to "The Snow is Falling and the Slopes are Calling" in giant Tepees in local Woods and told to "Follow the flares" up the drive way. Dress code was strictly Après Ski!

It did actually snow on the day - much to everyone's amazement and the snow machines were not required!

Apres Ski theme party

Guests were welcomed into the giant Teepees that was decorated with Reindeer skins, benches and hanging lighting where they were served hot Gluewein and entertained over an open fire by a fabulous Close up Magician.

These unique Tepees can be located just about anywhere and are equipped with furniture, lighting, kitchen marquees and lavatories. They are finished to the highest specification and have been designed to be completely flexible for any event, either daytime or evening, and is ideal for:

  • Company Fun Days
  • Activity Days
  • Summer Parties and Receptions
  • Informal meetings followed by fun and games
Apres Ski theme party

Guests were later served Whole Raclette on a traditional grill accompanied by a selection of cheese fondues. Dish food included Swedish Meat Balls, flavoured with tarragon in fresh tomato sauce. Sauerkraut topped with variety of chilli, honey, sesame seed and mustard coated cocktail sausages. Boeuf Bourgeon with rich red wine sauce, bacon lardons, onions and baby mushrooms.

Later everyone danced until the early hours to the Fabulous Fabba Girls an amazing Abba Tribute band.


Back to School Party Theme

We create a school gates entrance outside the main suite with signage "School Leavers re-union ball".
Once inside the space is a version of the sixth form common room - games area / bar / cafeteria / work space. In the games area we have pool, table football, air hockey, pinball and darts. Plus, on the floor we have hopscotch and other game markings. The walls have 80's posters and several chalkboard blackboards. The bar is serving 'milk bottle' cocktails.

Back to school theme party

During the evening 4 Actors take the part of these Characters:

  • Old fashioned pipe-smoking Mr Chip's teacher in mortar board.
  • Old short-sighted biology mistress with hair in a bun.
  • School Children
  • Dinner ladies
  • Fierce uniformed Matron
  • Careers master:
The "teachers" Committee are in their black gowns and mortar boards.
Suddenly the bell rings for dinner. The signs over the two entrances say "Dining Hall"
Inside, around the walls are old school historical notice boards- -the list of head boys, head girls, prefects, oxford entrants etc several heraldic shields are also in evidence the tables are set out herringbone fashion as long tables.
Fake location signage will point the way to Head Masters Office, Bursar, Dining Hall and Gym.
After the prize giving for Best Dressed, and Best Behaved the School Disco kicks in and the dance floor will be filled until the early hours!


Bollywood Party Theme

Guests arrive at the faded elegance of an old Indian Maharaja's palace. The smell of incense and spices is heavy in the air. Inside a market is in full swing. Guests can sample the food vendor's wares, look at the market traders delicacies, have their fortune told by the swami or get a henna tattoo.

Bollywood theme party

Various street performers entertain to a background of Indian music.
In the palace ruins, where free-standing tented ceilings of exotic fabrics have been set up, are entrances to where food tables are set for guests to eat at. The tables will be dressed with cotton Indian prints and have a centrepiece which is an ornate lantern containing a flickering flame. Food can be collected from an Indian buffet and can be taken to tables dressed in Indian prints or to cushioned seating areas where rugs and low tables allow guests to relax.

Bollywood theme party

Dancers and musicians should entertain during dinner but beware the fakir, who will pass around your table. His hand is faster than your eye!

Afterwards, you get the chance to work off some of that delicious food as the DJ mixes Eastern and Western music.


Chinese New Year Party Theme

Guests enter with signage and red drapes painted with gold characters. The venue will be turned into the entrance to Chan's Chinese theatre. Meet and greet characters dressed in traditional Chinese Costumes entertain.

A 10 person Chinese Theatre Company roll one act into another which culminates in the dragon appearing from underneath the stage in a puff of dry ice.

Chinese New Year theme party

The skills include flag martial arts / Chinese magic / tumbling / acrobatics / juggling / balancing / rolling with candles / lion and dragon dances.

When the dragon dance reaches its climax a red confetti drop explodes. This will signal the end of the food and Chinese entertainment being replaced by the DJ. Entertainers include Calligraphers / Caricaturists / Silhouette cutting / Fortune teller / Chinese masseur.


Fun Fair Party Theme

Guests are greeted at the Drinks Reception with a difference – to the sound of Funfair activity with bright and flashing lights. Two Stilt Walking Twirly Wirlys – huge in size and personality

Stalls can include traditional fairground games: Coconut Shy, Candy Floss and Popcorn, Cork Rifle Shooting Range, Darts, Can Can Stall, Test Your Strength, Hook a Duck, Hoopla Stall, Roll Downs, Splat The Rat

The fun continues with the highly skilled and experienced performers who build the atmosphere to a tremendous climax with Slap & Tickle supplying the comedy, with juggling and club passing, balloon modeling, unicycling, stilt walking and fire eating.

Fun fair theme party

Madame Zena (Fortune Telling Artist Tarot/Palmistry and Spell Weaving) entice guests to step into her booth to hear about their “Business and Love predictions for 2009”. Dynamic FX “ Beat the cheat” booth .After dinner guests can enjoy having either a Henna or *Temporary Tattoo created on their hand or arm. Later, one of your own guests can participate in the comedy duo’s Walk of Death!


Halloween Party Theme

As guests enter the slightly unnerving and spooky dark room, they are met by something very strange indeed. A creature, neither fact nor fiction, hanging inverted and sleeping but then lunges at you and stalks you as his prey! You will need a drink- a ‘Bloody Mary’ perhaps after your meeting with Baron Von Grindle.

Halloween theme parties
Halloween themed parties

Guests can enjoy Tarot Card Reading, Palmistry and Crystal Ball gazing from the glamorous spell weavers during the night. Later they can participate on a number of interactive Halloween Games.

  • Ten pin bowling with a difference. Using rubber skulls instead of bowls, which makes the path of the ‘bowl’ somewhat unpredictable with hilarious results!
  • The touchy feely ‘Body parts’ guessing game. Guests have to place their hand inside several black boxes into which they cannot see. They name the objects they can only feel. Uses rubber eyeballs in goo etc.
  • Horror Tic-tac-toe. This is a large Haunted House with a handle at the side. The house owner, Count Dracula, invites you to step up if you dare! Pull the handle. Inside behind three windows with black roller blinds down are three ghouls. They cannot see each other and have four heads they can change. Depending on which heads come up – will depend on what prizes are delivered from the cat flap!
  • Find the key to the chains. A large bunch of keys is on offer. Pick one and if it fits, collect your prize.
  • Horror Scrabble. Uses an oversize set of scrabble pieces only ghoulish words are allowed. Prizes for word scores in excess of 15.
  • Splat the Rat and Apple Bobbing.
  • Catch a Bat. Dozens of rubber bats hang suspended from a bar by threads.
  • Knock the Skull Off (Coconut shy). Using skulls as target and rubber eyeballs as balls.


Hollywood Party Theme

Guests will be greeted by an excited group of press photographers; the traditional Paparazzi who will take shots of the partygoers being escorted into the Drinks Reception.

Stilt walking Elvis, John Travolta and Wonder Woman could entertain guests as they arrive.

During the Reception, guests may find themselves in the presence of their favourite Hollywood Look-alikes; these include a variety of legends and Look-alike Stars including Del Boy, Patsy, Jack Nicholson and Dame Edna Everage.

Hollywood theme parties

After dinner there will be a short break for The Ceremony - more information will be revealed on the night!

Using the Look-alikes we will arrange the presentation of the nominations/winners. Winners can make their 'acceptance speech' and have their photograph taken with their own Gold statue.

Chinese New Year theme party

Post Dinner Entertainment can include:

  • Casino Royale - with full size professional Roulette, Blackjack and Wheel of Fortune
  • Tara Croft - DVD Quick Draw
  • Hollywood Instant Imaging - Guests will be transformed into their favourite Hollywood star. Each guest takes away an A5 photograph in a frame showing their new Movie look.


James Bond Party Theme

SN2R Ltd will recreate the style and the sophistication of Bond films and promise an action-packed party. All this combined with the intrigue and excitement of the Secret Service and world of espionage.

James Bond theme party
James Bond themed parties

"I would just like to say how brilliant our party was. Everyone had a fantastic time and really loved the James Bond theme - you were spot on when you said that it would suit our company." See more comments from clients.

  • Race on the largest Scalextric in the UK
  • Drive on Sega 2 Twins challenge
  • Ski on the Alpine Surfer
  • Chat with Pierce Brosnan's real stand-in/stunt double
  • Photograph Odd Job, Jaws, Miss Moneypenny and Q
  • Bond Girls will assist you in the Casino of Monte Carlo
James Bond theme party
James Bond themed parties


Las Vegas to Monte Carlo Party Theme

Las Vegas - be a winner at the casino and have a night of fun to remember Casino Royale style. Try your luck in the Glamorous Casino where wheels spin, the cards turn, the dice roll and the excitement is always at high level.

Las Vegas to Monte Carlo theme party

Our professionally trained croupiers will distribute personalised company fun money during dessert or coffee for guests to use at the casino then full size professional Roulette and Blackjack tables will swing into action. Guests can be reckless with the fun money and everyone has the chance to become involved in the excitement of gambling without the pain!

Monte Carlo - our giant, (20ft x 10ft) eight lane Monte Carlo Scalextric (the only eight lane track in the UK) will be on hand for exciting car chases complete with two track officials and PA system. Each (table) team or individual guests will love to see who is the fastest driver.


Magical Nights Party Theme

The evening will unravel in a magical way. Guests will be astonished at the variety and calibre of the artists and theming of the evening.

Magical theme party

Close-up Magicians will greet your guests with their breathtaking sleight of hand magic. They are always a tremendous ice-breaker and perform usually at the drinks reception then over the meal. Later the Cabaret can be either an Illusionist performing a fast paced series of seemingly impossible feats of magic, and/or a Mind Reader who will entrance you and astound you.

  • Crystal Ball / Tarot Performers
  • Illusionists
  • Mind-reader
  • Full Room dressing
  • Close Up Magicians


Pirates of the Caribbean Party Theme

When guests arrive they will find a message "Meet at the Spyglasses Tavern at 7.30pm for a drink before the ship sails. Don't be late or the ship sails without ye!"

On arrival at the party look alike Captain Jack Sparrow greets guests as "The Jolly Rodgers" duo play hornpipes and sing songs of the sea, including such classics as 'The Drunken Sailor'.

Pirates of the Caribbean theme parties

So batten down the hatches, swill your grog and get ready for a broadside of Buccaneer banter !

This night is complete with a roving band of pirates who take over the party and involve your guests in activities including walking the plank and sword fights. The event features a trio of dancing wenches and a medicine man Magician. The party is complete with pirate decor, swashbucklers' raid, panning for gold game , limbo competition and a Disco until the early hours.


Wild West Party Theme

Pull on yer Jeans and Cowboy Boots, hitch yer horse to the rail and swing yer partner down to "Rosa's Cantina" where the chilli's hot and the beer is cold!

Wild West theme party

Every guest will be handed a Straw Cowboy Hat and a bottle of beer when they arrive and can participate in the following:

  • Quick Draw Machine - we will be on the look out for the Fastest Draw in the West!
  • Rodeo Bucking Bull - guests can watch their friends to see who can stay on the bull for the longest time before they are bucked off!
  • Outdoor Laser Clay Shooting - use 'real' but deactivated 5 bore shotguns. Five guests can line up to compete against each other.
  • Line Dancing - our experienced line dance Caller teaches guests just how to line dance and within minutes everyone joins in the fun.


Winter Wonderland Party Theme

As guests enter the Reception, snow falls gently on to the forest of pine scented trees. The venue is stunningly dressed with white linings, slash snow curtains and transparent icicle fringing. Guests will be greeted by Ice Sprites and Stilt Walking Ice Creatures.

White pillars, glistening with pea lights is where drinks are served from an ice bar with glasses made of ice.

At dinner, guests emerge into a sea of low ice mist which fills the whole floor of the dining area. Tables and chairs swathed in white, resemble icebergs on the sea.

The striking feature is the Ice Palace itself - set under a starlit sky, a multi-turreted confection dripping with the weight of a thousand icicles and lit in ice blue.

Winter Wonderland theme party

Around the room are large white birch trees, frosty and dressed with pea lights; a quartet dressed as ice maidens entertain over dinner. Podium Artists entertain and when guests are seated, the room lights dim and the focus is on the spectacular Ice Palace which changes colour. Heralded by a pyrotechnic burst, the Ice Queen emerges to welcomes guests.


The Gaftas Party Theme Party Theme

Recently we were challenged to created a fabulous 60th Birthday Party with a Gaftas Theme - a take off of the annual Baftas it saw guests arriving onto a red carpet, digital paparazzi, Sharon Osbourne and Ricky Gervais look-alikes and a surprise awards ceremony - all created in a front garden!

The Gaftas theme party
A take off of the annual Baftas themed party
The Gaftas theme parties, Gaftas themes

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